A Word About Keith

Who is Keith and who gave him his own web page anyway? All anybody needs is to have something to say, and some space on a server. You don’t even need to have any extra cash to post your own page, there are plenty of places on the web to post a profile, and a few comments about yourself. Very limited. You have no control over the appearance, or additional features, only what you can enter into a few edit boxes. Not satisfying if you want to make a bigger statement on the web.

In my case, I spent a few bucks to get a bigger chunk of cyber space and some extra tools. I paid a tiney bit extra and registered my own domain name and so, here I am.

I started my first web page back in 1999 as a project in learning HTML. After a few moves in the real world as well as Internet Service Providers, my page was down for a couple years. I brought it back as a place that I can use to do a quick search, read a few bits of news and to express myself in my own special way. In recent months, I removed the search box, because Google kept getting on me for using it from my own web space. It was one that included a banner ad, and they saw me as trying to boost my click count. I just haven’t gotten back around to putting up the code for a search without the banners.

I hope the things I put here are interesting to others as well. I use it as my home page and make changes to it as I think it needs updating.

You may notice that I have a lack of graphics or flashy animations. Also that my choice of colors seem a bit bland. It started when I began to lose my eyesight. I found that I could tolerate looking at my computer screen for longer periods of time if the background was dark and the words were light. I also try to boost my font sizes a tad larger than the normal size. Graphics are just plain old, not fun to do when you can’t see to put them where you want them. I kind of like the low graphics page style, since it loads faster.

As I am rewriting this page, I have just updated some web tools, and colors and styles are in a state of change. Who knows how it will end up. My colors may brighten, and eventually the larger fonts will be back.

Anyhow, I hope you enjoy the site and come back often as it grows. My projects that I am trying to focus on are in expanding my humor pages, enhancing the daily Bible reading section and putting up some online shopping links. Let me know what you would like to see more of… or less of…

By shopping links, I mean a handful of online affiliations that I am involved with. To support this web site, click on one and go buy something so I will get credit for refering you there. Beyond that, I don’t have any control over those links once you get there.

What? don’t see any shopping links? I must have either just taken them down, or I haven’t gotten around to putting them up yet.

I had some extra links for family info here. They are temporarily gone. My database restore didn’t go well, and I have to re-enter things by hand. Watch for my departments on Family History, or Family News for these kind of things.

Stay tuned, keep watching the site, and use the contact page, or comment forms on most any blog post to send me feedback.

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