Personal Eulogy

January 18th, 2018

First, let me explain. I'm in as good of health as can be expected. over recent years and months, an increasing number of family and friends have been passing away. I told Robin about this idea for what I would like to say at my own funeral, but I kept balking at writing it down. Well, here it is.

Make it into a sign to display as people come around for one last look at me. Print it up as a handbill, or even read it out loud in the service. who knows, maybe I'll record a version of it to live on in posterity to be shared in my absence.


Sorry i couldn’t be there for your gathering. Too bad it takes something like this to bring so many of us together.

You probably know i haven’t been doing so well lately. It got pretty bad there for a little bit, then i had to leave you. Trust me. Ever since that moment, I’ve never felt better... ever. It was a little confusing at first, but all my senses are sharper than i ever remember them. I have a new home now. Sorry I don't have a forwarding address to give you, but it isn't as far away from you as you might think. This new place and new body are unbelievable. There’s no words i can use to describe the feeling of peace and love over here, or how beautiful it is in my new home.

If there was a way i could be there with you today, i would, but I don't think it's allowed. plus, it might be a little awkward. But you need to know, I've been having a great time getting to see family and friends who left before I did. don't cry over me.

I’m serious, you just can’t imagine this new body, or how incredible I’m feeling right now, so stop crying over me, I mean it, unless those are happy tears.

I know that the body i left behind is old and broken. Do with it as you wish. Spend lots of money to dress it up, drop it in a box, and cover it up in the ground. Or you can be more practical, and cremate it to ashes, and dispose of it. It doesn’t matter. It’s not me, so don’t cling to it. I’ve been having so much fun over here. I’d love to bring you all with me so we could enjoy this party together, but there’s no rush. You only get one go round in your life, and you all still have time to make the most out of yours as you can.

We’ll meet again, and it won’t be long. No matter if it takes another 10, 20, 50 years or more, it won’t be long. Time is short, and runs out faster than you expect.

I should say this to clarify though, for those of you who know in your heart there is a God, and that Jesus was sent to pay for your sin, I’ll see you again shortly.

For those who are here who have heard of God, and his way to buy each one of us back from sin, and know it in your head, it’s time to take it to heart. It takes more than just knowing about God, it takes wanting to be like him, and live with his spirit in your life. In a word, obey when he calls. If he has your attention, he's calling you.

It’s the plan that has been foreknown since the beginning. The price that buys us out of rebellion and sin. The call is for all who hear it. If you’re listening today to these words, or reading them if you have a print copy of this... that means you have the chance to join me now. Well, OK, not that you'll be joining me right now, but when it's your time, I'd really love to see you here.

Let this seed of faith take root in your heart. Do you want to believe, but can’t? Do you want to believe, but aren’t sure how? Do you want to believe, but don’t know if you’re doing it right? The Holy Spirit is standing by for all who want him to do his work in you. Just let him.

Do you still think this whole Jesus thing is silly? Do you still think that there's nothing to God, or that his kind of heaven is to unreasonable or far fetched? That's your choice. But don't keep making that choice. It's a regrettable one. But if after taking all the evidence of the word that God has left for you in his bible, and in the lives of his people who are around you, you keep choosing to stay far from him, he'll let you. Your decision is your own, and the responsibility will be entirely yours.

Jesus still paid your price though. All that’s left is the Choice you make. are you breathing? it's not too late.

I’d love to see you again, but all i can do is encourage you to be here once it’s your time.

I’m not kidding. This place is awesome. I'm still getting checked in, so I don't have time to leave more words for you. I wish I could be there with you, but honestly, I'm glad I'm here. Keep seeking for Jesus. If you know him, keep seeking ways to become more like him.

Gotta go! Cool! More new stuff!

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