Old News About Swimming

December 8th, 2017

Originally posted in a Facebook group on February 19, 2016. Don't know how I missed posting it here too, but here goes...

Since the beginning of the year, my wife and I have been able to start going to the local gym that the hospital has. It includes a nice weight room with Nautilus machines, and even an indoor pool. The pool is one where they can turn on a machine that makes current in the water. It's like trying to wade, or swim against river current.

Part of it is a little side pool where the current forms a vortex, or what some might call a whirlpool. On our first visit with the current turned on, we were enjoying floating, and going with the current.

Then I got caught in the water that led to the vortex... I was going in circles around it... Getting closer to the center... Spinning in circles... When my wife asked from the safety of the side of it. "What do you think about the whirlpool?"All I could think of was the punch line to a joke about a drunk guy who fell into a hotel pool while looking for the restroom.


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