Kitchen Gravity

November 27th, 2017

Everyone knows at least a little bit about gravity. If you drop something, it falls, the direction it falls is the direction we call down.

For more advanced people we know that objects fall at the same rate, no matter their size. A bowling ball, and a golf ball will fall at the same rate, and land at the same time when dropped at the same place, at the same time.

In our kitchen, gravity must have a disturbance in its force.

When there’s water in both sinks, the left one drains slower than the right. I know, the first things that come to mind is the pipe under the left side may be clogged a little, but if there’s no water in the right sink, it drains fine. The other explanation i can think of is there isn’t good ventilation, and it needs to have air pressure to force the water down.

The sinks are on the same drain. It should work both ways, the right sink should also be slow when the left is full, or stopped up. It drains fine.

What’s lefts? Gravity.

The gravity on the left side of the kitchen is somehow less on the left side, than it is on the right side. It makes the water drain slower.

But then there’s the oddity of waiting until the right side drains. Once the water in the right sink goes down, the left sink suddenly drains fine. Or when there's no water in the right sink, the left one drains just fine. Is this actually some kind of weird ventilation problem? No! I say it isn’t. We just have a very polite sink.

It’s almost as though the left sink allows the right sink free passage, while it only trickles its contents down the drain, Then once the right side has finished, it allows its water to freely drain.

Strange indeed.

What can i say? Gravity disturbance, or polite pipes. At least that’s my take on it, and I’m not taking any legitimate science into account, and ruin my fantasy.

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