Help Me Launch My First Book, Christmas Timeline

November 18th, 2017

I started this last year, but shelved the book due to not having it finished until after the holiday season. After pulling my file out of my storage archives, blowing the dust off, and reading up on what Amazon requires, I rounded up cover art, thanks to Doug McCoy, formatted my text, and worked through the steps on the Kendal Direct Publishing pages.

Writing the book is only part of the process. Now it's up to you, and readers like you. OK... well, the ones who like to read short, seasonal, holiday books. And this one is really short, definitely n easy read. It's only $0.99, but what it really represents is encouragement to me to offer a product of value, for value in return. Also it'll be votes for me to write more , and I have a couple more project ideas simmering on the back burner. Some fiction, some non-fiction, but no plans for more religious based content... but that's where you come in.

Here's 3 easy steps you can do to help me.

1. Read the book: Christmas Timeline
Subtitle: Investigating the events of Christmas
Author: Keith Heltsley

2. Leave an honest review. Say what you liked about it, and why you gave it the rating you did.

3. Share it on all your social media. Tell all your friends about the book.

The official launch is Monday November 20, 2017. If you contact me before then, I'd be willing to share a preview copy for free. But don't wait too long.

Here's my official Amazon description:

Comparing well known bible passages, and developing a chain of events that walk through the activities surrounding the birth of Jesus, this short edition offers a glimpse of the times. But what about the people, customs, or events that don't seem to fit? Was there really a star? Were the shepherds and wisemen together at the manger? What was it like to travel from Nazareth to Bethlehem compared to today? Archeology, astronomy, and some help from the web offers interesting insights as well.

Well? Go check it out. I'll be looking forward to hearing your response. Watch for links to the page once it goes live on Monday.

Good news, before I could finish making this post, my page went live on Amazon. Here's your chance... be the first to...

#Christmas Timeline. Read it, review it, RT to your friends. Share it on all your social media. Visit the book page now!

Christmas Timeline, by Keith Heltsley

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