Boring Routine, and Cookies

November 26th, 2017

Checked messages this morning. Actually yesterday morning. Read a little in the bible, but the devotional was one that seemed generic, or at least didn't make sense to me. Then the verses it linked to didn’T add much. Maybe I should have just read the whole chapter in context, but I didn't. I hate it when devotional writers spend paragraphs saying what's on their mind, and toss out a nugget of scripture that may or may not fit. Not memorable at all. One new and short series I just started is on Christmas carols. Joy to the world is the first one. Hoping there'll be some good daily connections there.

I have some others lined up to read the Bible through. I like those ]better anyway. Might start one later in the week.

Wrote a bit on a writing exercise that i let slide after missing too many days. Not sure the junk i wrote today is worthy of posting. At least I’m past it, and on to the next exercise. Let's see if I can get back on a daily routine with it.

Knocked out a podcast this morning. all i really had to do was upload the file, and proofread the show notes. All the recording and editing was done yesterday. Then i tot the next Quest episode put together, uploaded, show notes up, and all set to go for Monday.

We have Andrea here. It was supposed to be both her and Isaac, but he has been taking medicine and wasn’t feeling up to it. He must have been really sick, since he always wants to stay over. You could tell he kind of wanted to stay when he said his goodbyes to go home.

Andrea got to go swimming yesterday after grandma got done with her therapy for her back. she got a new swimsuit. Actually a gymnastic suit, but it works. I stayed home, which is when i got the bulk of recording Done.

Today the girls are busy making cookies. I suppose i could go help, but there isn’t a lot of workspace, and i can play with jotting down a few thoughts. And it looks like a batch is done. Andrea is forcing me to eat a cookie... and another... and hey, she stopped making me have cookies. Oh well, more for tomorrow.

Getting used to this new keyboard, mostly the markings on it. Using high marks, instead of Velcro, or bump dots. Hard to feel, and more easy to miss keys. Good thing spell check, and correction is there to save my butt.

Hoping i can stay up on daily writing. Recording my boring life. Just the kind of stuff nobody wants to hear, so posting it online should be a safe place to compile it.

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