Signs of Change

October 5th, 2016

Lost leaves, raked up in piles, the scent of burnt leaves stinging the nostrils, and air that is becoming cool and brisk. Signs of the changing seasons. Fall is here, and you can see it in the trees. No more fruit left on the branches. Leaves that have exchanged bright green for orange, yellow, red, and brown as they blanket the ground.

It's only right. Seasons change, and bring on a time that is exactly right. Things that were once right, have passed. Spring flowers are long gone, but in their time they ruled in beauty and life. The heat of summer, and the growing season are gone. The same for those fashions meant for the sun, and outdoors play time have all had their glory. The trees tell the story that time has come to settle down. School, harvest, feast times, and a look forward to time for nature to sleep for a while.

Note: Thanks to #DailyPost at WordPress for the word of the day.

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