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August 4th, 2015

I mentioned on an earlier post that this site started as a project to learn HTML. Besides the behind the scenes work of the formatting, and making it viewable to the whole wide world, a site needs to have content. My boss I had at the time told me to write about myself, and what’s important to me. There’s more people out there, who are enough like you, they’ll come and find your site interesting. That’s a start, and a general mission to get ideas down on paper… well, into a word processor.

Even a simple little page like that, with a generic domain address needs to have a title that’s different. A name that isn’t just, ‘My Page’, or ‘Home’, or something that thousands of other people are using. At least give it your own name. Hey, you can’t go wrong with that, especially if its all about you. People are vain enough, and you might just get a few other people in the world who share your name dropping you an email to say, ‘hi’. Not to mention family or friends who just happened to do a search on your name.

Today there are better ways to connect on social media sites, and with concerns with privacy, hanging your name out there may not always be the most ideal thing. Blogging sites are a good way that can give you a lot of control over what you do, and how you express yourself. You don’t need to know anything about html, just how to fill out an online web form, and hit a publish button.

For this site, it’s still about me. I like to think that family and friends still come by and enjoy the place. I don’t bother with looking at hit counters any more, but I can when I feel like it. It’s just a quiet, backwater, side trail off the Internet’s superhighway of traffic.

I hope people still find it because they were looking up some kind of family related information. It’s still a home page, and it’s still for people who share my family name in some way. When you stop in here, I hope you learned something new, or had a little fun with what you find.

Day Two: Take Control of Your Title and Tagline

You set your blog’s address when you registered at, but your blog’s title — what readers see on your site when they visit — can be changed at any time. Today, let’s make sure you love yours.

Today’s assignment: edit your title and tagline.

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