The Flood

May 18th, 2015

I am so glad that I didn't live when God flooded the earth, or during  any of the floods caused by hurricanes or excessive rains. I can hardly deal with a small flood. Although now that I think about it people died in the first flood and some died in other floods. I just have to deal with drying a few rooms. Others have to deal with much more destruction.

It all started when I broke the sump pump. Weelllll sort of. I was trying to get the float to work better and it came off. In the process of trying to fix it the switch stopped working. Water started pouring in faster than we could bail it out. Keith called pastor Terry Pope to see if he had a shop vac or knew someone that might be willing to loan one to us if he did not.

I left Keith at the house bailing water while I ran to get a new sump pump. While I was out Pastor Terry showed up with not only a shop vac but also a pump that did not have a float. It helped pump the water out of the house in time. Pastor Terry helped suck up the water and get it mopped up.

When I returned with the sump pump Pastor Terry and I tried to remove the PVC adapter from the old pump to no avail. We determined that I needed to see if I could find one. I took off once again to see if one could be found. I was not able to procure one because all the shops were closed.

I returned home to find most of the water in the kitchen was cleaned up. The small pump was still working hard to pump out the water. I helped sop up some of the water and Pastor got ready to go. He did comment that he had taken pity on Keith when he saw what he was up against. He left his little pump with instructions that I would have to turn it off when it sucked air. That meant no sleep for me.

I really thought there would be no sleep that night. I had to turn the pump on every so often so it could keep the water pumped. Then when we heard it suck air I had to turn it off. I rested at first in my recliner until accidentally dosed off a little longer than a half hour. Water filled the sump hole to a degree that I knew that it would take about three hours to empty so I went to be and slept for a few hours. Keith woke me up almost three hours later and said, "Isn't that the sump pump?" Of course my answer was to jump out of bed and run to the pump.

When we had gotten up for the day I ran and got the part I needed to fix the sump pump. When I returned I put the part on and then put our new sump pump into work. It works great. Now all that is left is to finish cleaning up rooms affected by the flood.

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