Ten Roadblocks to Church Growth

February 26th, 2014

These are just bullet points I summarized, based on the article found at: Why isn't Your Church Growing - 10 Gut Checks

Read the full article to explain the areas thatmight be the roadblock that you can do something about, and clear it up.

  1. Conflict - Members who can't get along, or resolve conflicts between each other.
  2. Stuck in the Past - Being content to focus on how things used to be.
  3. Not awesome to be around - People not showing they have any Fruits of the Spirit.
  4. Self centered - Not willing to consider others in the community.
  5. Culture is the enemy - Get to know people in need, and reach out to those who need Christ the most.
  6. Afraid to risk what is, for what might be - Be willing to change and stretch boundaries.
  7. Indecisive - Not being able to make decisions without committee approval. Not having good policies in place.
  8. All words, no deeds - Step out and take action.
  9. Nothing needs improvement - There's always room for improving, changing, and growing.
  10. Focused on growth, not God - it's not just a marketing ploy. Be true to the Gospel. Bring people to God, not necessarily the church.

All these might not apply to you, or our church. But be honest. Some do exist, and there's some that you can work towards changing.
I'm not pointing fingers, it's a challenge for me too. Can we do something about this?

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