Membership Housekeeping

November 5th, 2013

Due to rearranging some priorities with some of the domains I use in my server, I had to take away some of the automation with new member sign ups. Nobody has been signing up anyway, and unless you're a real live human, that's the way I'd like to keep it. However, if you're a real live human, don't bother with the automated sign up buttons, just send me an email.

I'll be glad to add you for free. It's just the buttons work wonders for keeping out the robot spammers, and taking up all my time in dealing with them.

By the way, the functionality that isn't there is they way Paypal returns you back to the site, and then automatically sets up your account. Now, you'll still be routed back, but your account won't be set up on its own. I'll need to do that by hand, so be patient. It'll depend on how fast I get the message in my inbox, and how quickly I can get online to do it.

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