Changes and Updates are here again

November 19th, 2012

Hey, what happened to the site? I'm making a move to a new server, and things will looke pretty wierd here for a little while. Who knows, the wierdness may just grow on me, and I'll keep it around.

If you've ever registered on the site, be aware, your password won't work anymore. Just click the link on the log in page to send yourself a new password, and reset it. Sorry about that, but there wasn't a better way to do it.

For those who get emails with theh domain, server settings will change. There's not many of you, so I'll get in touch with each of you to shaare the new changes.

The new server will deliver more power to the site, and let me hook up with other online services to share info, monitor things, and do more for those who I've built web sites for in the past.

If you find a llink, or feature on the site that is either missing, or broken... please let me know. Make a comment on any post, and I'll get the message.

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