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June 8th, 2011

It has been way too long since I've made a personal update to the page. There has been several things to take my attentions away from making regular updates. I got lazy and slapped in an automatic feed to the Our Daily Bread devotionals, just to have something new to look at every day. I even tried to post a joke a day for a while. Neither was wnat I really wanted to do, sothey have fallen by the wayside.

The biggest bite into time has been from certain life changing events. New baby arrivals. Not mine, just grand babies. I don't think Robin is up to producing anymore of our own. To complicate matters, my podcast has been keeping me busy, Robin has had to do extra duty in taking care of little kids, and taking care of an expectant mom who was confined to bed rest.

Why couldn't the new dad pitch in with some of those duties? Short story, he couldn't due to outside obligations that are still pending at the moment, but which should all be cleared up soon. I won't get into details, so the matter can stay private. But those close in the family loop know the story, and it doesn't need to be posted here in public.

Speaking of new grand babies.

Just a couple weeks ago, on May 27, 2011, Isaac Dante Xever Heltsley was born in Effingham, Illinois. After some stressful days with mom on bed rest, and a few other concerns there close to the end of the pregnancy, he managed to make his entrance as a healthy boy. 6 lbs, 8 oz, and 21 inches tall. Lately he has been busy keep

Another new arrival was his cousin out in Kansas. Karsyn Kelley who was born exactly oneweek later on June 3, 2011. Actually she Is Isaac's 2nd cousin, (or is it 3rd)I think. I'm not exactly how the numbering of layers of cousins works.

Still another new arrival came in the form of a step grand baby last March, when Gabriella was born. I think the baby explosion around here is over for a while.

For now, that's the bulk of the big news for the past few months. I'll try to keep closer tabs on things, and drop the automated postings. Leave me a comment, or drop a line through the email form on the contact page.

Oh, if there's any trouble in using any links on the page, try <a href=http://retro-otr.com/hhp>reloading the page by clicking this link.</a> It loads the unmasked url which I've noticed will cause some trouble from time to time when doing things like signing in to make comments.

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