God's Open Hands of Joy

May 18th, 2011

When you receive Christ as your Lord and Savior, you begin a love relationship that lasts for all eternity! God’s expressions of love will begin to confront you everywhere you turn. He paints the sky with a sunset that says, “I love you.” He answers your prayers and says, “See, I love you.” He strengthens you when you’re weak and says, “I love you.” He lavishly supplies your daily provisions and says, “Remember, I love you.” When you’re in a desperate need for grace, God opens His for giving arms and says, “I love you.” As you get to know your loving Father better, you will learn to truly appreciate His abundant expressions of love.

Take at look at your hands. The longer you spend time with your heavenly Father, the more your hands will look like His. They will start to open up more frequently. They will start to open up to a larger range of needs. They will start staying open for longer periods of time.

Perhaps the most surprising thing you’ll learn is that in opening your hands you’ll find what your clenched hands never could—joy. Real joy!

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