Accessible Interface for You Tube

February 17th, 2011

Videos are very cool, and popular on the Internet. When done well, even those who are visually impaired can enjoy a decent video. People often forget that even a blind person enjoys television and video programming. However, increasingly, getting that programming is becoming more and more difficult.

Television sets have menu systems that effectively block a blind or visually impaired person from using them. On the web, the largest, and most well known outlet for videos is not very accessible. You Tube has many controls that are done with flash, a technology that does not lend itself to labeling the many buttons and controls. So, even if you manage to find the videos you want, it can be hard to play them, pause them, or control the volume.

Not anymore.

There are now a few experimental interfaces that a blind person can use. Sites with controls to search the huge libraries on You Tube, yet offer buttons with labels that can be read by standard screen readers.

Check out Your Tube on

The site accesses all the videos and clips stored on the You Tube servers, but serves them up in high contrast, easy to read colors. Using html controls, it makes it easy to use, replay videos, and even adjust the volume. Very handy. Even if you don't have a visual impairment, it just might prove to be the thing for folks with failing eyesight, or those who just need an extra boost to see the screen.

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