You Are The Branches, Day 11.

January 11th, 2011

Key Scripture:

John 15:5a. "I am the vine, you are the branches. ...

Key Idea:

Let us present ourselves before our Lord, until He speak to each of us in power, and our whole soul feels it: "I am the Vine; you are the branch."
-- Murray

Pray for revelation:

Ye are the branches. This word, too Lord! O speak it in power unto my soul. Let not the branch of the earthly vine put me to shame, but as it only lives to bear the fruit of the vine, may my life on earth have no wish or aim, but to let Thee bring forth fruit through me.
-- Murray

Key words:

Really this is about the relationship of the vine to the branches. Who the vine is, and the role it plays. Who the branches are, and the role they have.

It is about dependencies. The vine, can survive without any branch. Even if many were to leave, the vine would survive and sprout more. The vine, Jesus, is the source of life to a branch, and it's strength.

Branches, all humans, can't attach to another branch. Not in the context of a grapevine. Each branch needs to be attached directly to the vine. Branches, we humans, depend on what the vine gives.

So, think the concept of relationships, strength, and dependancy over. To think there is no God, or Jesus, is to be a branch that has ben cut off and to lay, dieing on the ground. Or to be some foreign plant, like weeds or thorns, that have no place in a vineyard and certainly dug out, for the vine to have the soil to itself.

Once you understand your place in God's big picture, be the best that you can be in that position. You are a branch, so be the best one you can be.

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