Can Do Nothing, Day 13

January 13th, 2011

Key Scripture:

John 15:5c. ... for without Me you can do nothing.

Key Idea:

The one lesson of the parable is--as surely, as naturally as the branch abides in the vine, You can abide in Christ. For this He is the true Vine; for this God is the Husbandman; for this you are a branch. Shall we not cry to God to deliver us forever from the "apart
-- Murray

Pray for revelation:

Lord, I gladly accept the arrangement: I nothing--Thou all. My nothingness is my highest blessing, because Thou art the Vine, that givest and workest all. So be it, Lord! I, nothing, ever waiting on Thy fullness. Lord, reveal to me the glory of this blessed life.
-- Murray

Key words:
Do Nothing.

What a concept. To be abundant in God, all you do is nothing.

Abundant life just happens when you accept your part in God's plan.

It's time to lay aside those old style, worldly habits. Sinful activities, and things that are not pleasing to
God. Stop doing them. Even when it comes to religious things, do only what you need to do to stay attached. Don't over do the activities if it begins to get in the way of spending time attaching yourself to the true vine, Jesus.

Being nothing is also the result of cutting off our bond to the vine. We become nothing. Any life that is left in us is soon gone as we lay, cut off from the vine. Our busy activity has broken off from him.

Hardships come and go. Storms blow and rage. It still affects the vine, and its branches just the same as anything else in the environment. Doing nothing but staying attached, abiding, we have assurance of our place. The dead, withered branches are the ones to blow away. But more on that tomorrow.

Just what is a branch? As a unit, connected to the vine, it is a living part of the whole. By itself, it is nothing and soon dies. It can't shoot down its own roots into the soil and be its own plant. Some plants are known to have that ability, but we're not talking about those. Vine branches wither away when detached.

Where does the fruit come from? If we were to disect a branch to cut it apart to see what surprises are inside, all we would get is wood. There isn't any baby fruits in there, just waiting to pop out. There is sap that flows, but the sap itself isn't the fruit. How does it happen then? When the parts are not apart, when they are united, work can be done that is far greater than any single part.

No matter how small we feel that we are, we can be used to purposes far beyond our imagined ability. Keep on abiding.

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