Complementary Parts, Not Equal and Opposite. Ephesians 5:30

June 9th, 2009

Ephesians 5:30. For we are members of His body, of His flesh and of His bones.

In the big picture of God's kingdom, and spiritual matters, where do we fit in? As Christians, we are his very own body. His own flesh and blood. In Revelation there is a mention of Christ returning on a white horse. In it we have a snapshot of his head, on top of a body that is clothed in garments drenched in blood. We are that body that is paid for, clothed, and drenched in his blood. The bride that he is coming for is the remnant of faithful ones of the body of Israel.

As christians, we make up the body of Jesus, and in this context we are still talking about the relationship of marriage. Using this image of Jesus as our head. Husbands, you are told in no uncertain terms that you are the head of the marriage unit. Wives are the very body of it. Think of how the roles of your own head plays in relation to the members of your body. The body does all the physical work. It walks you around. It carries you along. It hides under layers of clothing as its internal structure provides much needed blood and oxygen. It converts the raw ingredients of food into the nutrient rich blood that we need to survive. Just what exactly does the head do for the body anyway? I'm sure there are married women out there asking that question right now.

Jesus is the head of his body, the church. Men are to be the head of the body, his wife. Think of all the ways this image of body and head, of Christ and Christians, of husband and wife all relate. It can boggle the mind, and open up so many truths.

The head holds the highest position on the body. It is the part that we look at and recognize one person from another. When we do any kind of work, it isn't the head that bends down to pick up a tool. It isn't the head that swings a hammer, or carries the load. It does carry the brain, where all the thoughts and ideas begin. It holds all the most important sensory input, sight, sound, taste, and smell. When the body works, the head also sweats. When the body is sore and tired, the head also aches.

Husbands, in what ways does that image fit what you bring to the marriage? It should sound very familiar.

The body makes up the largest part of the complete body. It may not contain the brain, but it has the central nervous system, and the most diverse number and types of parts. The body itself can't see, smell, hear, or taste, but it has all the life support systems to process such input as food, water, and air. It has the internal works to send life to even the most extreme and remote body parts. When the head says, "hey, let's walk across the room." It's the body that gets up and walks while the head rides on top to orchestrate the event.

It takes the two distinct items, body and head to have a complete functioning body. They aren't equal and opposite parts, but two different sized and shaped items. It takes the features of both to be a single unit.

Within the body there many things that come in matched sets, hands, feet, ears,fingers. There are some things that are unique. Only one belly button, one nose. It takes a diverse number of body parts of various sizes, shapes, and importance. As a member of the church, body of Christ, find the place that God made you for, and do his work.

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