Who's in Charge?

April 29th, 2009

Jeremiah 17:17
Do not be a terror to me; You are my hope in the day of doom.

Being a fraid to a safe point can be a thrill. Things like movies can have moments of horror, or suspense. Amusement parks have attractions that can sometimes use a degree of fear to make a ride more exciting. Certain people enjoy extreme sports because of the adventure and challenge of putting themselves in dangerous situations. These things are fun, because the degree of real danger and terror is safely controlled. Extreme sportsmen use safety equipment and are well practiced in their sport. Amusement parks place safety equipment in their rides and attractions. If a movie scares you, there is the comfort that it's all just flickering images on a big screen, and if it comes down to it, you can get up and leave, or close your eyes.

What about real terror? A situation that not only scares you, but is life threatening. What if the things you hold dearest, and think most highly of, were taken away and destroyed? Maybe a situation where you were the boss, and fully in charge gets changed. Now it's you who are out on the street without a job or having to slave away for little pay while someone else is now in control.

Who do you put your trust in? Is it yourself or other people? Why not God? People can fail us. We can even fail ourselves. To think so is to be as dumb as a pile of sand. Hey, that's not my idea, check out Jer. 17:6. To put trust in something as changeable as the constantly changing social status, emotions, and whims of people is to cause yourself to be cursed.

There is a security in trusting God. Think of a tree, they can live for centuries. When planted by a water source they set down roots that are deep, and the tree is solidly in place. That's just a small picture of how God can bless those who believe in him. He has ways of blessing that enrich lives. We might not get what we expect, but what we get is so much better, and something we hadn't even thought about.

People who are against God, or who are for their own concept of what is right are destined to recieve only curses and terrors. God will see to it and make it happen. As people, we do need to be patient and tolerant of others. We are limited to observing people from the outside. We can't tell who is truly good, or truly bad on the inside. You know, those who seem to have it all, yet are miserable and hateful inside. Or those who seem to have only enough to get by, but are actually happy and enjoy life. God does know those inner people.

God knows us from the inside out. When sin takes over a life it gets in and takes over, right down to the core. Let God be in charge. Put your trust in him instead of people. He will work from the inside out, and the blessings that can only come from him will fill your life. There is no terror anymore. All it takes is placing hope in him.

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