The Spark of Joy.

April 1st, 2009

Solomon 1:2

his kissing unto me, such kisses, from his mouth,

for -most good, beloved, than wine.



This is a snapshot of an eagerly expectant woman, or wife, waiting anxiously for her man to return home. He is approaching, walking up the sidewalk to head towards the door. She is inside, watching for him and his approach. Ready, happy. Full of desire to greet him.

He is finished with his daily work, and seeking rest and the pleasures at ease that await at home. Enjoying a meal and leisure, and the company of a loved one. She has been working at housekeeping, preparing the evening meal, working through the drabness of the day. Soon her loved one will be home and the two can be complete and happy in each other's company. Starting the intimate evening with a kiss.

Anyone who has been in love, whether married or in a  serious relationship, will recognize this sene. Pulling into the driveway and turning off the car. A short walk up to the door. Open it and at least in my case, having a little brown hared, brown eyed girl to jump into my arms and offer that greeting with a kiss.

If you are unattached, and never have been, I know you have fantasized about having that special person in your life. You still know and can understand the excitement, joy and love behind this verse.

The symbology is that of God's chosen one coming home and greeting his bride. We know that the Messiah, the Chosen one is Jesus himself and the bride are those who are believers. He wants to have us be part of this picture. We can take part in the happiness and joy of the bride as she awaits the intimate kis of the one who should be our most beloved.

It's easy to say to just keep that spark of joy and anticipation going strong. Life happens, the new wears off. Distractions crowd in. Over the course of time, for my situation, I came home one day and suddenly, no cute little wife greeted me at the door. Instead a little toddling boy raced to the door for that first kiss, with an upset mom who just wasn't able to quite run as fast as he could. After that, it was group hugs.

Now, over the years, life has made ever so subtle changes. I don't know what happened to that little kid who used to live in our house. There used to be several of them. My door greetings have shifted from those joyful moments, to ones with a herd of happy kids and a mom who had that look of, "just take them away before I kill them." Now it's back to just two. The mad rush to the door has faded, but the spark of being together after the distractions of the day are done is still there, just in a way that is more deep and mellow than ever.

Keep going about the daily chores of life, but keep the mental image of anticipation of what it will be like when the master comes home. When the spark fades, make the effort to renew it.

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