Out of Control

April 9th, 2009

Luke 23:27

And a great multitude of the people followed Him, and women who also mourned and lamented Him.



Jesus was on his last walk. The one that led him to die. A great multitude of people were there to follow and watch the spectacle. One group set themselves apart. Certainwomen of Jerusalem. In other places we find out a few more details about them. They are mentioned in both Matthew 27:55 and Mark 15:40, where we learn they included at leastMary Magdalene, the mother of James and Jose, and the mother of Salome, but many more. They stood at a distance. While others there had their own agendas, purposes, and expectations, these women had tender hearts and compassion.

The disciples all fled the night before. At least John was around for some of the ordeal. Others may also have been witness to the crucifixion, but only from a safe distance.

Sometimes the trauma of an event can only be gone through when we put emotional distance in the picture. Though we want the circumstance to be different, it can be out of our control. We want to be right there and change things. Make things better or easier. Distance can help deaden the raw nerves of our emotion, especially when nothing can be done to change things.

The women stayed as close as they dared. It was a safety measure for their own benefit. Nothing could be done at this point to stop the events. Just their presence was enough. Jesus knew they were there, and of their concern. That's the best thing that they, or anybody could have done to help.

Life has many tragic moments. A loved one in a life threatening accident or illness. All you can do is to be there for them. Events sometimes don't go well and conditions get worse. The best ministry we can do for that fading loved one is to be there and provide the comfort that our presence might bring.

It's our time to be compassionate for that person. Our sorrow and desire is great, just as with these women followers. They had their dark moments of grief, but God still used them and blessed in the days that soon followed.

God will comfort you too, but now is the time to be strong and compassionate for those who are in need and in situations that are beyond any human control.

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