Gods Attributes: Spirituality Part 1of2

February 20th, 2009

God as spirit. This will take a couple days to get through this subtopic.  There can be no doubt that God does exist, but as a spirit, he is not able to be seen, heard, tasted, or touched by any of our senses. Still, we humans have been created by him and have his mark of a certain spirituality. That spiritual nature we humans have is what lets us know him and understand his ways.

As these verses talk about the spiritual nature of God, notice the use of the tangible things of this world as we know it. Though the contrast is there, God is not a generic force, or a detached God. He is always present and wanting to have a good, positive, active relationship with people.

Continuing the look at the Attributes of God, and letting Torrey's choice of scripture guide us:

Torrey's Topics:
Concerning God, His Being, Attributes

I. Concerning God.
   A. His Being.
      1. Attributes

         b. Spirituality, God is a Spirit.

Ge 1:2;
And the earth became desolate and empty,
and darkness on the face of the abyss.
and the spirit of God brooded upon the face of the waters.

The earth suddenly was. One moment it wasn't there, then it just came into being. How? A big bang? A swirling mass of ooze? It became, it was caused to be. How it happened is a riddle to boggle the mind, but it happened. The universe as we know it does exist, and we are here. The universe started in shapeless disconnected mass. God's spirit moved gently, or brooded,  over the surface as gentle as a mother hen on her eggs, and began forming it. Not necessarily by crashing, world shaking events, as much as the loving touch of a spirit god.

De 4:15-19;
Vehemently safeguard any creature
for you saw not at all a shape on the day Yahweh spoke to you at Horeb in the center of the fire.
refrain from making idols shaping all figures likenesses as male or female.
The likeness of all beasts that are on earth, the likeness of all winged birds that fly in the sky.
The likeness of all that crawls on the soil. The likeness of all fish that are in waters beneath the earth.
Refrain from lifting eyes and being misled. seeing the sun and moon and stars all the armies of heaven, you are misled to worship unto them and serve to them, which yahweh Elohyim separated from all tribes beneath all the heavens.

To add some context here, the Israelites had been gathered at the mount, where they actually heard God's presence without any doubt. Yet, there was no physical appearance, no tangible form. The points here are many: to not be cruel to animals, and to not make idols to worship. However, in relation to God, he is a spirit. He doesn't resemble any male, female, beast, bird, bug, or fish. These are all in the realm of man. The animals are beneath men, why should they be worshiped? Don't be misled at the heavenly bodies. They are separate and far removed from the populations here on earth. The heavenly bodies may seem mystical and supernatural, but they, too, are merely creations. There is no way to use tangible materials to make any resemblance of God. He is a spirit.

            Ps 139:7;
Where shall I walk from your spirit?
Where shal I bolt from before your face?

God, as spirit, is everywhere. You can't just casually stroll away from him. You can't sprint fast enough to not be standing right before him. There is no place to go where some other being is in control over The God. Where ever you can possibly go, he is there.

Isa 60:1;
Arise and shine for your light is glorious Yahweh's sunrise is upon you.

God's spirit is not an oppressive thing. In his presence we should shine. It's always a new day, a fresh start with God.

Eze 37:14;
I give my spirit to you and you revive.
I deposit you in your land.
You know that i, Yahweh spoke and did.
oracle of Yahweh.

God's spirit ministers to us and life is new again. He meets our physical needs and provides a place where we fit in. The closing phrase, Oracle of Yahweh, is a writing style that basically says: "Know that this is a promise directly from God." (Yahweh = roughly, self existing one, or lives and breathes.)

Eze 39:29;
No hiding my face anymore from them.
For I poured out my spirit on the house of Israel.
Oracle of Adonnoi Yahweh.

Keeping this in context, the passage this verse comes from talks about Israel as a nation. Those who sinned have been struck down. God will rescue Israel for his own sake, not any of theirs. Though the remaining ones will bear their shame, he will still not "hide his face". He won't hold back his mercies. As Christian believers, the truths here also extend to us as well. We may be shaeful at times, but God still extends his mercies, if not because we deserve it, because it suits him and his purposes. As a spirit, of course we humans can't literally see his face. God's spirit is the force that draws us to him. He pours it out and it makes us right, or purified,  to see him face to face. You may have noticed by now, my use of the Hebrew names of God. There is only one God, but so many facets to his character. The names help understand his varied personality. The word Adonnoi means lord, or master. Another true promise of the lord God.

Joe 2:28,29;
It will become later, rightly so, I will pour outmy spirit upon all flesh.
And your sons and daughters will prophesy.
The old will dream dreams and the youth will see revelations.
collecting on the servants and upon the maidservants in those days when I pour out my spirit.

The literal words, "it will become," seem awkward and probably make more sense to say, "It will come to pass." When it does come to pass, it will be rightly so and in accordance to God's will. What will happen at that time? God will freely pour out his spirit. It will be for all people. All flesh will be affected by it, men and women, young and old, even the lowly servants. A spiritual window will open so we can know, even in the flesh, what spiritual things are in store. This is the purpose of Jesus and the Holy Spirit coming to earth, and why all people can claim an inheritance from God.

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