God's Attributes: Eternity Part 2of2.

February 26th, 2009

Continuing the look at the Attributes of God, and letting Torrey's choice of scripture guide us:

Torrey's Topics:
Concerning God, His Being, Attributes

I. Concerning God.
   A. His Being.
      1. Attributes

         d. Eternity.  Unlimited by time.

Jer 10:10;
And Yahweh God is true, he is the God living,and king forever.
Such rage, trembling the earth.
A nation can't maintain in his fury.

God is true, certain, steadfast, reliable. He lives and is King forever. He is capable of such rage to cause the earth to tremble. In those wrathful times, no nation will be able to stand and remain abiding in the face of that rage. As we read these, and the other passages about God. One thing should be clear. God is wrathful when we don't honor him. He wants us to know him and relate to him. Promises of abundance and prosperity are what he wants to give, not rage and vengance.

La 5:19;
You, Yahweh forever, reside enthroned, from age and age.

God sits, residing in judgement, on his throne as all the ages come and go.

Da 4:3,34;
His signs, how huge, and miracles how mighty miracles. His kingdom a kingdom forever, an empire from age and age.
And at the end of days I, Nebuchadnedzar lifted to heaven my eyes and understanding to me returned. And God I praised and life * I adored. And magnified that empire that reigns forever. and his kingdom from age and age.

God's signs and miracles are truely huge and impressive. His kingdom is like none other and the realm of his empire will last through all the ages.
Even the gentile king Nebuchadnedzar, came to his senses and acknowledged, if not by name, God as being the one who rules forever. His kingdom has always been and always will be. 

Mic            4:7;
I will appoint the limping woman, a remnant and the far removed woman a nation, strong and kingdom Yahweh God in Mount Zion from now and forever

Israel had been devastated and was as pitiful as a remnant of limping, castaway women, far flung from where they belonged. God still has plans to restore them and make them a nation and make them a strong kingdom that will last forever.

Hab 1:12;
Aren't you the absolute beginning Yahweh God. You are holy, no death is in you Yahweh. you appoint, you judge, and are a rock foundation.

God is the absolute truth in a world where everybody has their own version of reality. He is first. He is the foundation that everything is built on.

Ro 1:20;
For their are invisible things of his, since the creation of the universe.
The Made-things can understand, to see distinctly, even the eternity of his. It's powerful and divine unto the existence of him without-excuse

When God created the universe, there are certain unseen things that were created. Other things, like humans, can understand these unseen things. How? it's like when you have a patch of wet cement, and someone comes by and leaves a handprint. From the gaps, the impressions, we can tell a little about the person who made that handprint. By observing God's creation,tangible things, we can discern between the gaps and distinctly see those missing parts, spiritual things. We even have the power to determine what eternity looks like. It's the way god planned it and it works without exception.

Ro 16:26;
It's obvious also now through both writings, and profits, According to the commandments of the Eternal God,
to obedient believers, to all the nations who understand.

The God of eternity has now put it all down in writing so all the nations can understand and believe. It's all in the Bible.

1Ti 1:17;
Also, king the eternal, undiing, invisible, alone wise god, you're worthy.
And glory into the age the age amen

God is king, he is eternal, immortal, invisible and is alone in his class. He will carry all these traits and be due all glory to the end of the ages.

Heb            1:10-12; Warning, Literal translation.
And accordingly, you're first, lord of the land. You're laying a foundation.
And by working the hands of you, are the heavens.
They will perish, you will be constant. And everything, as a garment will wear out.
And just as a cloak, you wrap them as a garment, and they're changed.
Also you, the self same exist, and the years, you don't cease

A easier to understand paraphrase:
As is proper to have done so, God existed and layed his foundation when he made the earth and the heavens. Those things, no matter how long lasting they seem, will wear out like an old garment. The old outer wear is folded and also put away. Those things have changed as they age, yet God stays the same. He is just like he ever was. All through the years, he never stops existing.

2Pe 3:8;
In the same way don't be ignorant you beloved ones, that one day with the lord is as a thousand years
and a thousand years is as day one

God is timeless. What happens in a single day of ours, he knows each detail, is detailed as the events of a thousand years. A thousand years pass and to him it is as insignificant as a single day is to us. Think about this: When A single day passes and we seem to have not changed, or at least not enough to tell of. A thousand years pass and accordingly, God is just as unchanged.

Re 1:8-10
" I am the alpha and the omega, the first and the  last," says the lord,
who is, and who was, and the coming one, the  absolute-ruler.
I'm john, and the brother of yours, and your companion in the pressure, and in the kingdom, and cheerful endurance, in christ jesus, I've come to be in the island, that called patmos.
Through the words of the God, and through the witness of Jesus Christ.
I became in spirit in the lord's day, and hearing a noise behind me, a large noise,  as a-trumpet.

The Lord himself again proclaims that he is first and last, alpha and omega, the absolute power and ruler of it all. John shares this statement and presents his credentials for his believability. He was a brother, a fellow sharer of the pressures/tribulations of those early Christians. He was a co-conspirator in their enduring patience and in the kingdom as well. His knowledge came to him through God, through the direct witness he recieved from Jesus. He would have such spiritual experiences that he heard the message as loud and clear as a trumpet blast.

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