Even as I Have Loved You, Day25

February 8th, 2009

Key Scripture:
John 15:12. "This is My commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you.

Key Idea:
... we shall see that it is not the question of what we feel able to accomplish, but of what Christ is able to work in us. These high and holy commands--"Obey, even as I! Love, even as I"--are just meant to bring us to the consciousness of our impotence, ...
-- Murray

Pray for revelation:
Ever again it is, my blessed Lord, as the Vine, so the branch--one life, one spirit, one obedience, one joy, one love. Lord Jesus, in the faith that Thou art my Vine, and that I am Thy branch, I accept Thy command as a promise, and take Thy "even as I" as the simple revelation of what Thou dost work in me. Yea, Lord, as Thou hast loved, I will love.
-- Murray

Key words:
Love, Even As.

Here's those words again, "just as". We are to love just as Jesus does. Those are some really big shoes to fill. Jesus demonstrated tremendous amounts of love. How can we hope to fill his shoes? He was human, and he should be our example, but still, the idea can be overwhelming.

Remember though, he is the vine and we are the branches. We are not vines, but attached to the vine. There are ways that we can never walk. There are things we can never do. We can continue to abide and draw strength from the vine. Remain at one with Jesus.

A branch is like a hollow tube that lets the sap from the vine move through it, and fruit pops out the other end. Be a channel that Jesus can use to work his love. When feeling empy, hollow, insignificant, just know that keeping your unity with Jesus is all you need. That is when he can do his biggest work.

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