God's Attributes: Unity Part 3of3

February 24th, 2009

One God, and only one way to get to him. To try to recreate, or reinvent a new god is moronic. To entertain the thought there is more than one God or more than one way to him is foolish. God's word doesen't say these things to belittle anybody. It is simply true. These words are here because God does want people to know him. It is possible to know him, and where we may fall short, or be lacking in time, we can know that we will have eternity to get to know him.

Continuing the look at the Attributes of God, and letting Torrey's choice of scripture guide us:

Torrey's Topics:
Concerning God, His Being, Attributes

I. Concerning God.
A. His Being.
1. Attributes

c. Unity. The only God.

Mr 12:29;
Also Jesus answered him,
that first is, of all the commandments:
Hear Israel. Lord, the God of ours, one he is.

Jesus responded to the question about what is the greatest commandment. He responds that in the first one, all the rest are contained in it. Listen Israel lord god is one.

Joh 17:3;
Also this is the eternal life, so that they might know you, the only true god,
and who your apostle is, Jesus Christ.

The context of this verse is that Jesus is praying that God will grant eternal life through him. The definition of this eternal life is so that we can know God. Jesus calls himself God's apostle. An apostle is someone who is sent away on a mission. Does that mean that Jesus is not God? Ah, a question for that study on the trinity. Simply, Jesus is Gods messenger, just as the disciples are the messengers of Jesus, just as we should be mesengers to those in our world.

Ro 1:21-23;
Also this, they knew the god not.
Who to god glorifying, or giving thanks?
Contrarywise being foolish in the purposes of their own.
And darkening, or making stupid their hearts.
Asserting, "I am wise," they become morons.
And changing the glory of the uncorruptable god, in a created icon corruptable of man, and birds, and quadripeds, and reptiles.

The scriptures we have looked at have spoken of the supremacy and singularity of God. Great, mighty, worthy of honor, yet knowable and there is no shame in worshipping him. This description sums up how people really see God. They don't know him. Who gives thanks or glory? Nobody. Instead people foolishly serve their own purposes. They dumb things down and use faulty logic, and mean it. They take it to heart. People claim that they are the wisest power, which only demonstrates how moronic they are. Yes, moronic. That's the Greek word used here. They ignore God and make things, then claim those things as god.

1Co 8:4-6;
therefore, about the eating of the idol sacrifice.
We know that there's no idol in the world,
and that there's not any god of another differing kind, not even one.
And for perhaps, there's a so-called gods, whether in heaven, or upon the earth, as if there be gods many and lords many.
Contrarywise to us, one God, the Father.
out of who, are all, and we into him.
And one lord Jesus Christ, by who are all.
And we by him.

No matter how I look at this, it is worded kind of awkwardly. What the writer says right up front is there is only one God, no matter what anybody tries to tell you. There may seem to be many gods. There may seem to be many methods, but there is only one true God. Period. We all came from that one God. We all recieve our salvation back to him by only one route, Jesus Christ.

Ga 3:20;
Also the mediator is not the one.
Also the God is the one.

The mediator, or messenger who speaks is not God. Only God is God.

Eph 4:6;
One God and Father for all, who is over all, and through all, and in all of us.

There is only one God. He is over us. He lives through us. He lives in us. God is good for everybody.

1Ti 2:5
For there is one God, And one mediator of God and man. The man Christ Jesus.

Very clear and plain. One God, not many. One way to get to God, not many. There might be many paths to Jesus, but there is only that one way to God.

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