God's Attributes: Unity Part 2 of 3

February 23rd, 2009

More about unity, as in being supreme, first, at the top of the heap. Nobody, and no thing can come close to God. God wants us to honor him, but also to come to know him. There is really only reason to be ashamed or fearful when we don't recognize he is the single highest authority.

Continuing the look at the Attributes of God, and letting Torrey's choice of scripture guide us:

Torrey's Topics:
Concerning God, His Being, Attributes

I. Concerning God.
   A. His Being.
      1. Attributes

c. Unity. The only God.

2Ki 19:15;
And he interceded, Hezekiah, to the face of Yahweh.
And said:
Yahweh God of Israel judgeing the cherubim,
and you are he. The god, separate from all kingdoms on the earth.
You made the heavens and the earth.

God is named, emphatically, by Hezzekiah. God's hierarchy is layed out as being above angels. He is separate from, and much higher than the highest level of any known government on earth of any time period. He is creator. 

Ne 9:6;
You are he, Yahweh, you alone.
You made the heavens of the heavens, and all its armies,
The earth and all which is in the seas, and all therein.
And you, such life, and armies of the heavens, to you, such worship.

God is one, as in supreme. He is highest and first above all else. God is separate from anything else. The things we consider above us, the heavens and their hosts, all prostrate themselves and worship. He made the earth and seas, and filled them with such abundance and diversity of life.

Ps            86:10;
For great you are, and do wonders.
You are God alone.

The word great can mean either, or both, big or old. God is great. He works miracles, wonders and difficult things. He is alone can be called God, and no others. Alone, as it is used here means to be separate. God is untouchable by the highest, greatest, or majestic thing we can think of in our earthly context. 

Isa 44:6-8;
Thus says Yahweh King of Israel and redeemer Yahweh of hosts,
I am first and I am last and beside me none is god.

God is King, our redeemer and in charge of armies. He himself says that he was first, he will be last and no others are god. He has complete ownership since he was here to create our universe, and he will still be here once it dies away.

Isa 45:22;
Face towards me and be set free.
All the earth will cease.
for I am god and none again.

The face is our most honorable body part. To face God is to show him our honorable side. To stand before his face is to be before God in honor. Honoring God is liberating, it sets us free. Trusting in earthly powers is useless, since the earth will eventually pass away. God is the only God. He is God "and none again", or "and no others."

Jer 10:10;
And Yahweh God is certain. And Yahweh, he is  the Living Yahweh, and king eternal .
Such rage. fearful trembling on the earth. There are no nations that measure up to his fury.

God is... certain, living, and king for eternity. There is an absolute truth, and he is it. He is alive, not an abstract force. He has highest authority that lasts forever. The word for rage literlly means to be "chipped off", as in mad, not as in broken in pieces. God gets mad, and when he does nothing can withstand that raging. The word tremble comes from a word that means to move similar to the tops of a wheat field that are blown in the wind. To uncontrolably sway and wave. As strong as an entire nation may be,there are just none at all that can hold up in such a rage.

Joe 2:27;
And know me. For in center of Israel, I am.
And I am Yahweh your God and none again.
Don't be ashamed, no not ever.

God wants to hold the number one spot in our lives. He wants us to know him, and be in the center of our lives. There is nothing to be ashamed in doing so.

Zec            14:9;
And it'll come to pass Yahweh will be ruler upon all the earth,
in that day he will be Yahweh one, and his name one.

A day will come when Yahweh willrule upon the earth completely. In that day God will be revealed and made known just how he is one god both in person and in name.

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