I Could Really Use a Cup of Coffee, or an Asperin, or a Long Nap

October 13th, 2016

What a day. I feel like a fire hose has been going off in my head. Information overload. Cramming data, doing word searches, cross referencing, gathering, and packing it in. Where will it all go? How will I use it to make sense of the topic I need? There's way too much. I'll never need all this data. What should I focus on? All I need from all this squirreling away is enough to cover an outline to last ffor 20 minutes.

I can't think any more. All this is sounding the same. My back is beginning to ache, sitting in this easy chair. I should have went to my office. I love my office chair, the back support is so nice.

Finally reached the bottom of my resource list. Now to smooth things out, sift through the data... Heck no. Forget that. I need to just let it cool off, and get back to it tomorrow. Gotta give my brain, and back a rest, besides...

What now? The phone is ringing. Hmm... It's time to grab a bite of dinner... It's my brother... OK, I can talk, and munch on a hot dog. Decompressing... but the nice little chat turns into a long one. Missed a phone call. Oh well. I'll call them back, just as soon as...Well not now, it's time for another appointment, and an hour long meeting.

I can't help thinking of all that scrambled data. I've already released it in my mind to return to later, so I'm not worried about giving it space in my head. Still, what will it all mean? What direction do I need to go in paring it down. Just a 15 minute outline, that's all I need. I know I said 20 minutes, but it always seems easier to go longer than shorter when doing the presentation.

I still feel like my head has been pelted, and power washed with firehoses. I need a cup of coffee... no... it's too late for that. I'd never get to sleep. A shower. That's what I need. A nice hot shower, and relax in bed with a book, until I drift off to sleep. A good night's rest, then I can get bogged down with miore projects I'm behind on... mailing list, follow up ccalls, notes to write, and 0post for the podcast.... the blog... the... I need a shower, and maybe a couple of asperin for my aching back.

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