The Changing Winds of War

August 25th, 2016

Or, a Hard Day's Battle
Or, Floundering in the Wind
Or, I should Have Just Stayed Home Today

To the seas! Let's Go! set sail;
We're confident, strong,, and unshaken in belief;
With winds of victory, we can't help but prevail.
Make each enemy fall! Give them grief!

On wings of eagles, full sails race us to land;
Time to march! Take to foot! On the move!
We're sure footed, with sword and shield to the man.
The day is ours, show them what we have to prove.

The battle line is silent, for a moment perhaps;
The bugle call! A struggle! Sound of clatter and clash.
Then winds of war change. The line breaks in wild collapse

Horses stumble, riders clumsily fail;
Strength and courage melt, like rivers to the sea;
Our strength is chaff in the air, scattered and frail;
Pride is broken. All is lost, run in defeat.

Chased down by the enemy, no more rant, or a rail.
Defeat has come for too many men! O what were we thinking?
Few survivors return, now to the winds! Set sail!
A spark of hope is kindled... Wait! is this boat leaking, and sinking?

Note: inspired in part by:

Miriam Webster's #WordOfThe Day

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