Out of the Rebellious Woods

August 5th, 2016

Alice's heart was breaking. The tears still welling up. Her head felt as though it were fed by bubbling springs. The matter in the police station was able to be cleared up, at least for Randall, but Zack had some serious explaining to do. Where was that child? Hal was to begin his vacation. He finally had a full two weeks coming to him, and before the family could even start their trip, a dark cloud hovered over it all.

"Sorry about the mix up, Mrs Pruett," the police officer said. "I hope you can forgive us, son." The statement was directed to Randall. "I can see how it happened, and how the mix up must have made you feel. I hope you understand how it looked from my perspective."

"It happens all the time,"
Randall was polite about it. "Zack is always getting confused with me. I just wish he..."

His words were left hanging in the awkward moment, until Alice commented, "You were just doing your job officer Bailey. I still can't believe Zack could be involved. He can get himself into trouble, but this isn't like him."

"When Zack comes home," the police officer began, "we'll want to question him. I hope you understand Mrs Pruett."

"Don't worry officer, I'll call you," Alice felt disconnected in her dutiful response.

"Mom, can I go home now?" Randal was already astride his bike. "Go on, honey," Alice said. "Get cleaned up for tonight. I'll drive around town to see if I can find your brother."

And if the sitter gets there before I get back, let her in. I'll give instructions when I get home"Alice added as she called to the disappearing back of her son. Randall gave a parting wave to let her know she was heard.

Back at the house, Randall put his bike away, and was surprised to find a bike parked in the yard. It wasn't a new bike, like the one that was stolen from the store, but it wasn't Zacks.

In the house he went to his room, and had to take a step back to see Zack lounging in the living room.

"Where have you been?" Asked Randal.

"Don't worry," Zack started, "I'll mow the grass for you next week."

"If you live that long." Replied Randall.

"Hey, don't take it so hard. I mean it, I'll" Zack was cut short.

"Forget about the lawn, I'd be worried about mom when she gets home. She's a lot more upset with you than I am." Randall left his twin behind as he began getting ready for a shower.

"What," Zack was defiant. "Mom's mad at me for not doing my chores?"

"You don't have to explain yourself to me. I don't want to know. was the flat response. Randall had to try his best to keep his emotions in check, and let his mom surprise Zack. It was what she wanted to do, surprise him, but Zack had no clue how he had turned the whole thing around. He would be surprised alright, but not in the good way mom and dad had planned.

Randall was back in his room when he heard the car pull up. He called out for his brother, who hadn't budged, and still had his full attention on the television set, "Mom's home. You might want to get off your butt, and go meet her outside."

Zack was basking in the cool air conditioning, and still collapsed on the couch. "Who died, and made you boss?" He called back, but he also knew Randall wasn't acting like his usual self. As he dragged himself outside. He wasn't prepared for what came next.

"Zack! Get in this car. Right now!" Zack felt his insides melt. His mom had fire in her eyes like he had never seen before.

Disclaimer: This is a work of 100% pure fiction. Any resemblance of people, places, or events are purely coincidental.

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