Word from a Prophet

July 29th, 2016

An Acrostic

Persecution for doing right, against idols, graven;
put through famine, the desert, fed by ravens.

Rushing fast into certain death, the end remains;
Revelation from God encourages, sustains.

Obedience is rewarded, and the mantle is to pass;
On to another. Relief comes at last.

Power from God, though undeserved;
Protects his weak nation, their cries he heard.

Hosts swarm, and threaten, countless marching feet;
His people have failed, still they're saved from defeat.

Enemies desire all you own. No, they crave more.
Everything good and pleasant, is about to be lost in war.

The lord says, "Take courage. march with your small band."
Take heart, the enemies boasts fall prey to his strong hand.

In victory mercy is extended by man, fears soon forgot, with compromise and deals.
It's injustice when evil hearts haven't changed; God's will won't be repealed.

Corrupt kings never realize 'God's power, they think small.
Committing your will to his is what he asks, that is all.

Inspired by 1 Kings 19-20

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