Going to Doctors, and Towns of Note

October 1st, 2015

Had an all day road trip to see various doctors. Started in St Louis, where I had some referrals for Occupational Therapy, and a brief visit with the eye doctor there.

The doctor visit was mostly a formality, being part of a Low Vision clinic, we had to make sure I was a no vision person. We had a good discussion about some goals to keep busy and keep up my hand strength. There could be a possibility of another trip to Hines in Chicago, but we’ll have to see.

Didn’t have time to linger. We hit the road, and headed out for the hour long trip back towards home, but kept on going another hour in the opposite direction to make my wife’s doctor appointment in time. As we drove , we came across towns that I either never knew about, or never gave much thought to. One is a town called Raymond. As you enter the town, you’re greeted by the sign that says, “Welcome to Raymond.” Then the first thing you come to is a cemetery… I guess it’s all those Raymond citizens who are just dieing to welcome you. Wish I had a picture, but by the time Robin told me about it, we had past it by.

Another little town is called, Boody. I wanted so bad to stop, borrow someone’s telephone, and call someone… that’s right I’d be making my own little “Boody call”. Or instead of that, try to locate a phonebook for the town, so I could randomly make phone calls to the residents whenever I wanted, so I could make periodic Boody calls.

Just wanted to share.

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