Bible Reading Plan to Start With the New Year

December 26th, 2013

In a small effort to promote reading a daily dose of God's word, a plan to read the Bible will begin for the new year.

It's actually going to begin being posted on December 29, 2013, and continue through the 2014 calendar year with a weekly post. Each post will have a reading for each day in the week. Each reading will be linked to the Holman Christian Study Bible (HCSB) on For those who prefer a different version, you can easily switch it once the Bible Gateway page opens. If people contact me regarding the matter, I could add an alternate link for the version of your choice.

A Word about the plan

This thematic plan attempts to link passages of scripture with similar themes. A job that isn't always easy to do. To my knowledge, no attempt has been made to work in any agenda, or twist the context of readings to suit the author's beliefs. Let the words from God speak for themselves, and to your heart.

I've put together some generic questions that may help guide your meditations on the message you read on any given day. In reading the verses in each day ask yourself these questions, or make your own questions to ask yourself. Comments will be opened for these posts, but moderated, so feel free to include your own insights.

Answer as many as possible, but don't worry if you can't answer all of them on any given day. They may not all apply.

  1. What seems to be the major theme these passages have in common?
  2. What verse, or verses stand out and speak to you?
  3. Who are the people in the passage, and what are they doing, feeling, experiencing?
  4. What relevance do these passages have for your life today? What parallels do you see happening in the passage, to things happening today?
  5. What can you take away in today's passage to show God's love to others?
  6. In what way does today's reading draw you closer to God?
  7. In a sentence or two, summarize the main message of today's passage as a prayer.

Well known, and respected reference resources were used in handcrafting this thematic plan. For full details, please contact the author through his email address.

PS: I don't have a way to subscribe to thewse readings by email, but if you have an RSS news reader, you could try to add in this feed url to catch the updates:

Copyright 2012,2014 Craig J. DesJardins
Reprints are permitted as long as there is no charge to the recipient(s).
Those desiring a PDF of this sheet or of the full calendar should email Craig at the address above.

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