3 Icebreakers for a First Time Small Group

September 1st, 2013

Do you have a fellowship event planned? Maybe a new group meeting for a Bible study? What you need is some ideas to break the ice.
Here's a blog article with ideas to help take down the barriers and get people involved and interested with other members of the group.

For full details of each activity, you'll want to visit 3 Icebreakers for a First Time Small Group. by Phil Davis.


A game where members share 3 facts about themselves that might be unknown to the others in the group. The twist is that 2 of them will be true, and one false. When the member reads his facts, the rest of the group votes on which is false.


Members divide into 2 teams. Each member writes down 5 true facts about themselves on an index card. When ckues on a card are read, the opposing team is scored on how many clues it takes to identify the person. 5 points if on the first clue, 4 on the 2nd clue, and so on. The team with the highest score wins.


A simple game. Pass a roll of toilet paper around the group, and have each person take as much as they need. After the roll has made its rounds, have each member tell a fact about themselves for each square of the toilet paper they took.

Fun stuff to get people to open up and share. visit Phil Davis to leave him a comment about his ideas. You can even leave a comment here if you like.

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