Changes Made to the Web Site

August 17th, 2013

You probably can tell that I gave the site a facelift with a new look and color scheme. That's one nifty change, but there's more. My site doesn't get a lot of traffic, but lately it seems that I've been over run with people signing up for member accounts.

I like to send new users a welcome message just to say, "Hi" andlet them know I'd like to hear back from them. At least to encourage them to participate on the site by leaving me comments. Trouble has been brewing for me though.

It seems that out of those huge amount of new sign ups, many of my email greetings bounce back to me as undeliverable. That means a lot of bogus users to clutter my database. I don't like to clutter my database with bogus accounts, so after deleting those users, and with spending way more time than I appreciate, I have set the site to be a members only site.

What does that mean? It means that open registrations are now closed. You can still register, but you'll need to check out my page of Registration Options.

What? It costs money to be a member now? I'm only charging a ridiculously small amount of cash to be allowed to call yourself a member of the site, but if all the bogus users who have been wasting my time over the past week want to register so badly, I ought to make a pretty fair income from it.

Here's the big secret for all you humans out there, especially those who are family members... Ready for this? Email me, and I'll add you for free. Just stop by my Contact Page to send me a message. At least that way I'll know you're a real live person, and maybe even actually enjoying the pages here. I'll also know that we might be related in some way. But even if you're not related, we've at least been able to make a connection in some small way.

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