Give Your iPhone a Sex Change

June 24th, 2013

If you use Voiceover at all on your iOS device, it's true, you can change the gender, or even nationality of your iPhone if you get tired of the same old voice talking to you all the time. No complicated surgery, no expensive medical bills, and it's easy to switch it back if you have second thoughts about the change. Most voices seem to be female, but some are male voices.

First, find your Settings App and open it, open the General app, then go way to the bottom to find the Accessibility settings. You can either do a 3 finger swipe a few times, bottom to top, to get there quicker. A four finger touch near the bottom of the screen jumps you to the bottom of the screen. You will probably need to flick left a time or two to get to the Accessibility app.

Got it? Good.

Next flick right a few times to find Voiceover, and open it with a double tap. If it says it's on, don't worry, double tapping only opens up the settings to customize it.

Now flick right until you find Language Rotor. Double tap it, and flick right to move down the list of languages. You have two options for each language, double tapping the language selects it so it'll appear in your rotor, and the next option lets you reorder the language so you could prioritize your list.

Near the beginning of the list you'll find a few English languages, US English, Australian English, and Brittish English. Skim through the list and ner the bottom of it you'll find Irish English and South African English. Pick as many as you like, even some of the non-English voices, if you speak it, or maybe want to learn it. You can always come back to this screen to add or remove languages.

You've Made the Language Selections, now What?

That's it. You can back out of the settings screens. The next time you cycle through your rotor, the language option should appear. Choose it, flick up or down, and the voice changes instantly.

Hint on the rotor. I have trouble trying to do the gesture if I try it one handed. I've found if I put a thumb in each margin, at the 3 O'clock and9 O'clock positions, just slide one up, and the other down for better control at picking rotor options, If you have a Bluetooth keyboard, it's even easier. Just do a quick tap on the up&left arrows at the same time. Use up&right arrows together to cycle the other direction through the rotor.

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