Quirky Technology – Atomic Watch and Resets

January 11th, 2013

Several months ago I finally had the chance to get a nice atomic watch. No, it isn't powered by a tiny thermonuclear reactor. Although that would be cool.

The atomic part comes in because it has a little satelite reciever in it, and once per day, in the wee hours of the morning, it pings a satelite to update its time to the nuclear time clock of the satelite. Nifty.

Here's the annoyance. Every night I put it on my bedside nightstand, and it never resets. If I put it in my window sill, it does reset. In the window sill though, I have the unfortunate problem of accidentally knocking it off into the floor. Then I have to dig around behind the head board of my bed to find the watch. In experiencing that fun event on more than one occasion, I discovered that even behind my bed, on the floor, the watch reset itself.

It will reset to satelite time if I leave it on my couch, the end tables in the living room, in a pants pocket on the floor, just about anywhere except on my convenient night stand next to the bed. Wierd.

The only thing I can figure is my C-PAP machine motor could be interfering with the resetting signal somehow. Either that, or my nightstand is repellant to radio frequency waves.

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