Still making the server move

November 29th, 2012

Wow, this has been an ordeal. The initial setting up was simple, and if I didn’t already have domains set up thaht needed transfering, it would be a breeze.

If I didn’t have a big followership, it wouldn’t matter much either. Not that I’m exactly world famous, but my podcast is turning out to be a bear to move. Thousands of media files and posts to link up. Not to mention the unknown of how the RSS will work when the domain change kicks in. There’s at a minimum, 100 regular listeners on average, and over 12k downlods per month that could fall off if I don’t do it right.

I think I’ve figured out some of the squirreliness that has me nervous through my lesser travelled sites. All I’m waiting for is to finish downloading my media from the old host, something I could do much faster if I could access all my backed up files on my Terrabyte drive. Sucks to have my desk rearranged, and buried under clutter. Oh well.

Probably by the end of next week it’ll all be done, or at least downloaded. Even if files aren’t entirely uploaded, I just might start the last steps in shutting things down, and switching over.

Gotta wrap up a handful of styling tweaks on the new server for all my other domains other than the podcast. It’ll iron out kinks, and smooth the way to get that chore done.

Hope to use some of the nice tools to keep up on posting things. We’ll see if it actually happens.

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