Happy Thanksgiving

November 8th, 2010

"... Let us now fear the Lord our God, Who gives rain in its season, both the autumn rain and the
spring rain, Who keeps for us the appointed weeks of the harvest." Jeremiah 5:24 NAS

A man carves a Thanksgiving turkey.
As we celebrate this Thanksgiving, let's be especially mindful of the bountiful harvest for our community farmers this season ~ to mightily praise our God for His awesome creation, for His majesty in nature, for keeping our farmers and families safe, for His continuous provision for all of us.

Please remember our Shut-Ins. Give them a call or stop by for a visit. Keep them in prayer for health needs, comfort and encouragement.

If you have an interest to serve in this Shut-In Ministry, or if you know someone in our body in need of encouragement, please contact Alice Potts or Nancy Byars through the church office. Please contact the office through our Contact Page.

Posted on behalf of the SHUT-IN MINISTRY

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