End Times: Righteous Judgement and Peace.

July 6th, 2009

Isaiah 2:4. He shall judge between the nations, and shall rebuke many people; they shall beat their swords into

plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks; Nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they

learn war anymore.

Here's a well known verse that speaks to a future time when a worldwide peace will occur. Swords and lances being remanufactured and beaten into garden implements. Nations will no longer rise up against each other. and even the skills of the battlefield won't be taught because that peace will be so secure.

What will it take to have all the diverse types of humans and nations to come together? What common ground will be needed for people to put away their differences? It will have to be a time when they all find a common ground. Not just any common ground, but one so powerful that all people of all nations will feel secure enough in it to lay down the tools of war, make them into tools of peace, and feel comfortable enough to not even teach about war. You know... just in case.

It will have to be a time when Jesus returns, and God is revealed as being in control. Before the peace comes something will happen first. God will judge and rebuke.

As a small child, the fights that my brother and I would get into were notorious and drove my mom and dad nuts. There we would be, locked in mortal combat, rolling around the floor of our room. A time would come when dad, or mom, would have had enough. At times when they entered our room, sometimes we would be so oblivious that we didn't even have that uh-oh moment to realize we did something wrong. We would still be screaming and holding our ground that the other was wrong and at fault. After hearing the stories a judgement of guilt was made, a sentence was pronounced. Little bottoms would get beaten, then the tools of our warfare would be changed and we would get along. Well... for a while.

On the scale of God however, his decisions are final. His judgements and sentencing is truly fair and just. His conviction and assigning of punishment, will truly set things right. The resulting peace will last forever.

The people to be judged are not his people alone. Those who profess him and live good churchy lives. His judgement will be on a global scale, between nations. His judgements however, will be person by person. Literally: rebuke many things unto people.

When will all this happen? At the very end of times when he comes to claim his creation. All nations will have to stand before him and each person be judged on their own merits, by his authority. All persons will know him without a doubt and he will be the common ground that secures peace among us all.

You and I may or may not live on this earth to see that global peace when it comes. We all will stand before him and be judged individually. Do you know that you are prepared to face him? Get to know him today and learn what he wants for each of us. Hint: It is not punishment, fear, or living a miserable life. God may be judge, but his mercies are new each day. He wants us to enjoy an abundant life here on earth. Do some preventitive maintenance and get to know him now so you'll have less to answer for later.

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