God: Creator. Genesis 1:1

May 28th, 2009

Genesis 1:1  In the beginning God (1) created the heavens and the earth.

Such a simple verse, but one that volumes might be written about. Everything we know in our observable universe was created. Scientists continuously search for the beginning of, well everything. When and where did humans come from? How about dinosaurs? How about animals, or plant life in general? How about our planet, the stars? 'How' is a good question. The answer that the bible implies as the real important question is 'who'.

I grew up near the Mississippi River not far from St. Louis, Missouri. At that point the river is about a mile wide, deep and muddy. You can follow it upstream, in search of its beginning. Eventually you will find that it becomes more narrow, and finally find the small, trickle of a stream where it all begins. In relation to the Mississippi River, and all the life that swims around in it, this is the creation of it all. It all starts at a spring of water that gushes up from the ground. That is sort of what this verse signifies, the beginning source of the head waters of all the life that is contained in the river that is our world.

The Bible talks to us about things that concern us. It starts with the beginning of things that we can know. Is there more? Yes, but that is for God to know. He existed before the place and timewhen our own world began. He exists beyond the limits of what our knowledge can reach. He will continue to exist after the river of our world runs out.

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