Jesus in Charge

April 22nd, 2009

Acts 5:31
"Him God has exalted to His right hand to be Prince and Savior, to give repentance to Israel and forgiveness of sins.


The great thing about Jesus is that no matter what we might think about him, God thinks highly of him. The Jewish leaders of the day thought so little of him that they put him to death and rejected him. God lifts him up and exalts for him. Exalt, being a word that just means to cheer for, or to say encouraging things about something or someone. Scriptures record how God will send the Messiah, how he will be rejected and held in low account. It is that very person who is also placed in full authority of all the earth and of anything in heaven.

Jesus is named as prince. The government will rest on his shoulders. It would be a wise decision for everybody, including our governmental leaders to follow his ways, his morals, and ethics. Not that anybody has to do these things right now, but a time is foretold where everybody in heaven and earth will bow to him and recognize his authority. Right now we are all spiritually blind. We have the choice to do and believe what we like. That spiritual blindness won't last though.

In those days, people put Jesus to death. Today there are many who still would like him, and his memory put to death. There are those who still reject him. All through the Bible though, Jesus is refered to as savior. His name means Yah Saves, or God Saves. It's a salvation that isn't only for those who believe, but even for those who don't, won't, and never will. The offer for salvation is there for anybody who wants to choose to take hold of it.

Jesus is the new covenant of God to humans. He is God's gift that goes beyond who could take part in the old covenant, and includes every other person in the entire world. Jesus is a gift that opens the door to anybody who is looking for a way to God.

That day is coming where all people will for sure recognize God and Jesus for exactly who the Bible says they are. For some people it will be too late by then. For those who can recognize him now, there will be forgiveness. Remmission of sins, a washing away of impurities and shortcomings. Forgiveness of those shameful deeds or even thoughts, for any doubt we have ever had.

Will there be a part for those who are now unbelievers? Will there be a place for them in an eternal spiritual kingdom? In a word, no. What will happen to them? Where will they go? Where ever God wants them to be, but not in his kingdom. As believers we are sanctified, set apart, to enjoy what is in the next life in a place with no sorrow, no tears, only joy in God's presence.

Will there be sorrow, tears, and agony in eternity? Yes, but not where God is. Realize now that what the Bible teaches about God and his love, and his plan for us to be part of his kingdom are real. Choose now to be a part of it.

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