God is in Control

April 21st, 2009

Job 19:25
For I know that my Redeemer lives, and He shall stand at last on the earth;


God is great. God Rules!. That's a quick summary of the verse of the day. Such flowery words that roll off the tongue when all is going well, and both men and God are happy with his universe. If you didn't notice the reference, where this verse takes place, it's from the book of Job. If you don't know about Job, his whole story that is recorded is one of extreme misfortune. He had it all, then things went bad in a big way. In his great misfortunes, Job still thought God was great, and in control.

As we read the book of Job, we find God had a plan that the reader is clued in on, but that Job had no idea about, until the ordeal was all over.

Job was to face great loss, but his life was to be spared. Is that a blessing or a curse? Like the story of the man who went to sea, and became seasick. It was so bad that at first he thought he was going to die. Then it got worse and he was afraid that he wouldn't. Job's agony got to be so bad, that his only idea of how relief from his condition could come is to just curl up and die. Yet, God kept him alive.

This verse comes from the lowest times of Job's condition. It's right in the middle of his ordeal with his friends who are supposed to be there for comfort, but turn into his accusers. In all his agony from his physical ailments, all the mental anguish over his loss of family, wealth, and the attitude that his friends were giving him, he refused to let his faith in God waiver.

Job's idea of redemption might have been the mercy of death, and the release of pain it would bring. Even if Job should lose his life, and he not only fully expected to, he wanted to die. Job knew that God was bigger than everything. God lives. When the dust clears, and the scuffles of our life is over, God will be the last man standing.

When life has us down, and makes no sense, we can be sure that God is in control, he will rescue us to suit his own glory. He has the final say in all matters.

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