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April 24th, 2009

Nehemiah 9:38
"And because of all this, we make a sure covenant, and write it; and our leaders and our Levites and our

priests seal it.''


At a time in history, when God's people were at their lowest point, they had managed a significant reconstruction project. They had long fallen from being a strong nation. There were enemies who would like to have kept them under foot. God still worked in the collective hearts of the people, and in key players who had the earthly power and money to get the job done.

The walls of the city of Jerusalem had been burned. People were living there, but at the mercy of any near by raiding nations. In their despair, they all began to come to realize the shortcomings of their ancestors. They came to realize and agonize over their loss, and sought after God. The people were scattered all over the surrounding nations, without any real government over them other than the enemies in their area, and the King of Syria.

Word trickled across the land to other displaced Israelites. One place was to Nehemiah. He was a man of some importance within the king's court, but wasn't one who could excersize much governmental authority. Like the rest of his people, Nehemiah was deeply concerned over his national state of affairs. He prayed for God to do something. God did. The kings heart was softened to Nehemiah and authorized money, materials, and sent Nehemiah on his way.

All through the rebuilding of the wall, plans had to be somewhat discrete. The people had to stay armed and watchful while they worked. Their enemies saw they just couldn't outright disrupt the work and tried to discredit and even kill Nehemiah. The people worked hard and diligently. They did whatever it took, even mortgaging off property, neglecting their own, usual lifestyles to keep God's work going. They overextended themselves to the point of selling off some of their children as slaves. The children were later bought back.

The work was now finished. The people saw that God had worked, using them to do it, while he provided and protected. They now renewed their old covenant. They had set their leaders, and priests, and began to regain some national identity. They held this ceremony to mark the point where they rededicated themselves to follow

Nowhere in the Bible does it promise that following God will be easy, or that our road will be paved as we zoom down the highway of life. With God's help, even if our road has become a footpath in the jungle, he is good to provide what we need to get us through.

Stay diligent in following God, even if it may mean some hard work or hard times. He has that way of gathering little details to work out and come together for you.

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