Disgrace Taken Away

April 6th, 2009

Hebrews 13:13

Therefore let us go forth to Him, outside the camp, bearing His reproach.



Let us go forth to him, outside the camp... Jesus was crucified outside the city. The word "camp" means the

structured rank and file that take place when troops in the field pitch tents and have them lined up on each other.

Like the arrangements of the houses on our blocks, and the blocks of our towns, all lined up in neat little grids.

We don't always find Jesus in our daily, ordered lifestyles. His monument to what he has done for us lays outside

the city, outside of where we live. To be reminded of his memorial, we have to make an effort to visit it.

Take the time to step outside your structured routine right now. Stop and consider the meaning of the place where

Jesus died. The cross. The weight of our sin, and the depth of our shame keep us all from entering into God's

kingdom, and being in his good favor.

Jesus came to take on all our sin, shame, defamation, reproach, and all those ugly adjectives. The price was a

terrible one, but one that he freely and completely paid.

When the griefs of this life have you down, go to him. It really isn't that far to step outside your routine. Carry

your shame and sorrows to him and lay them at his feet. Leave them there. Let Jesus handle it and take them away.

The price for removal has already been taken care of whether you seek relief or not. A personal cross for Jesus is

sometimes necessary, but why continue to carry all the burdens that you don't have to? Let Jesus take what he paid


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