God's Attributes: Unity Part 1 of 3

February 22nd, 2009

Unity, or one. As demonstrated in these verses, there can be no doubt that the God of the Bible is one God. No others, and anything less is really no god at all. Unity also means a number of things that combine to make one unit. In the case of God, and something for another topic, is the trinity.

Read these verses. Look them up in your favorite versions. Meditate on them. We have some deep concepts here that are revealing, yet so simple to understand that even a child can do it. Read, meditate, and give God the glory and honor he deserves today.

Continuing the look at the Attributes of God, and letting Torrey's choice of scripture guide us:

Torrey's Topics:
Concerning God, His Being, Attributes

I. Concerning God.
   A. His Being.
      1. Attributes

c. Unity. The only God.

Ex 20:3;
Don't you make for yourselves gods,
others to be before me.

Don't even try to make a god. Anything a person can make would be of a lower order. How silly to think it could be placed before God. Whether between man and God, or above God, it makes no logical sense. The creation should worship its creator.

De 4:35,39;
You saw so you would know,
for Yahweh he is God. Nothing again branches off.
Know today, turn back into your heart.
For Yahweh is God in the heavens above,
and upon the earth beneath. and none again.

I left the above verse in a very literal form. "You saw so you would know". The Israelites had seen the affects of God, if not a tangible form, while they were at the mountain. God wanted them to know, in a big way that he is the one and only God. Sometimes it takes such a revelation. "for Yahweh he is God. Nothing again branches off" Underscores that God is unique, whole, and complete. There is no fragment that has broken off. God hasn't splintered into a bunch of smaller gods, no branches or subdivisions. Now that this point is known what else can anybody do but to repent, do a complete turn around, and honor God. God rules the heavens and also the earth. No authority is higher. God is one, complete God. 

De 6:4;
Listen Israel, Yahweh Elohyim is one Yahweh.

Listen means to also understand and comprehend, not simply the mechanics of hearing. Notice the three instances of names for god? Yahweh, the name of god, Elohyim, what he is and his name again. Whether you call him God or by his name, he is still only one god.

1Sa 2:2;
None is holy as our Yahweh,
for he won't fail and no rock is like God.

Compared to God, there is none that is as holy, strong or long lasting. Not even the biggest rock or cliff. He is one, as in first above all things in strength and endurance.

2Sa 7:22;
Great Adonay Yahweh, there are none who can do this:
Of all the gods we have heard about with our ears, none can come close to scattering you and breaking your power apart.

There is no power we can conceive of that could break God into pieces. He can't be shattered or scattered. He is one, unchangeable God.

1Ki 8:60;
 So that they know,
{{all the peoples of the earth, for Yahweh is the God, none again. 

This isn't some mystical truth for only a special religious group to understand. The truth about who God is is for the nations, all the world. He is God, and no other.

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